Priority Profile

Focus training and development on areas of greatest return.

Priority Profile evaluates the skills and competencies of individuals, teams and organizations to pinpoint specific opportunities for training.

This unique assessment compares individuals against worldwide best practices of knowledge-based workers, and was developed out of a four-year study conducted in conjunction with Dr. Peter Honey, a world-renowned behavioral psychologist.

This course includes:

  • A confidential profile from which to benchmark future performance
  • A 1-hour personal consultation to review the results
  • A 32-page personal development guide that focuses goals and establishes an action plan for improved effectiveness and continuous learning

Next Steps:

Who Should Attend:

Individuals, teams and organizations whose performance is measured by their ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities, follow-up on commitments, communicate and delegate effectively, and use an organized planning process.


  • A 40-minute multiple choice questionnaire - to be completed online or on paper.

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