WorkingSm@rt® using Microsoft Outlook

Take control of your workload and competing priorities

Receive practical hands-on skills instruction to help you absorb proven techniques for a total time-management solution.

Integrate communications, tasks, activities, planning and apply the WorkingSm@rt® method using Microsoft Outlook.

This course will help you:

  • Create a consistent focus on priorities
  • Gain control of your inbox and email
  • Improve your communications
  • Manage your time, tasks, and activities
  • Use Outlook with a 'business planning' approach

Next Steps:

Who Should Attend:

Workgroups and teams including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently use MS Outlook, and are not optimizing this powerful software.


  • 1-day instructor-led session using Outlook or
  • Two 2-hour web-based virtual classroom sessions
  • Coaching session to reinforce learning

Tools Provided:

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

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WorkingSm@rt® using Microsoft Outlook Case Studies

Medtronic WorkingSm@rt® 2015


Medtronic is the world’s premier medical technology and healthcare services provider. Medtronic is a pre-eminent leader in delivering technology and procedural innovations to address the major disease states impacting patients and healthcare costs around the world. With over 85,000 employees around the world, Medtronic improves 2 people’s lives every second. Priority Management works with Medtronic in Australia and UK/IRL, running the ‘WorkingSm@rt’ productivity programme, training over 350 people since 2008. Medtronic UK is headquartered in Watford.

Challenge to Priority Management

The challenge presented by Medtronic’s UK L&D team to Priority Management’s regional office in London was to deliver an email and time management training programme that would facilitate employees in prioritising, forward planning, managing expectations and improving their use of time. Particular support was to help manage high volumes of emails received and overall to improve work and life balance among employees.

Priority Management Solution

Working in close consultation with Medtronic’s UK Learning and Development team, Priority Management customised the WorkingSm@rt® programme to incorporate specific Medtronic goals and objectives.

The delivery format is Instructor-led workshops, followed-up a few weeks later with individual coaching, using WebEx online meetings – this customises the WorkingSm@rt® techniques to each individual and assists with full implementation.

Delegates are also enrolled for Priority’s monthly “LearningLink” e-newsletter which keeps people aware of the need to improve productivity.

WorkingSm@rt® at NAVSEA


Headquartered at the historic Washington (DC) Navy Yard, the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) is comprised of about 53,000 civilian and military personnel across the United States and Asia. Together, they engineer, build, buy, and maintain ships, submarines, and combat systems for the United States Navy which is currently comprised of 283 ships, with a 2020 target of 313 ships with the latest technologies.

With a budget of nearly $30 billion, NAVSEA accounts for one-quarter of the Navy’s entire budget and manages more than 150 acquisition programs. The 2300 personnel at NAVSEA headquarters provide policy, guidance, oversight and support to the remaining 95% of their employees at four shipyards, eight “warfare centers” (two undersea and six surface), and four major shipbuilding locations.

NAVSEA is focused on developing a Competency Aligned Organization that recognizes the need for responding to work demand signals generated by their customers in a disciplined and cost effective manner.

Challenge to Priority Management

Starting from an inquiry through its web site, Priority Management found that many NAVSEA employees were struggling to manage high volumes of email while under very tight network space limitations. In addition, they also needed help to improve personal / team productivity, to focus on priorities, and to become more proactive.

The main challenge presented to Priority Management was to find significant interest within NAVSEA’s complex organizational structure to initiate WorkingSm@rt® training in order to demonstrate the results that are possible. Two other challenges were the lack of a NAVSEA computer laboratory at the Navy Yard that is connected to their network, and the lack of a central entity within NAVSEA that focuses on training course promotion and evaluation.

Additional requirements included:

  • A course curriculum must align with the US Department of Defense’s National Security Personnel System (NSPS) related to creating SMART job objectives
  • No additional investment by NAVSEA or any individual for new “tools” after training was completed
  • Classroom sessions preferred since most employees work in workstations with little privacy to take interactive online training with sound.

Priority Management Solution

Using post-course survey results from several WorkingSm@rt® client organizations, Priority Management recommended that the facilitator-delivered WorkingSm@rt using Microsoft Outlook® program with onsite follow-up personal coaching could address all the NAVSEA challenges except for the computer / network access issue and the internal course promotion. The NAVSEA civilian employee who made the original inquiry partnered with Priority Management to overcome the two remaining major obstacles:

  • locating a computer lab at the Navy Yard controlled by a non-NAVSEA Command and reserving several class dates
  • working with his NAVSEA Training Coordinator to enter the information into NAVSEA’s Washington Area online training registration system and disseminate it to other Training Coordinators.

Program graduates then receive additional ongoing support and reinforcement with access to Priority Management WorkingSm@rt Expert Coaches via email and phone.

WorkingSm@rt® Results at NAVSEA Headquarters

NAVSEA has initiated regular WorkingSm@rt® using BlackBerry training classes as add-on training for graduates of the Outlook training.

Post program evaluations, conducted 45 to 70 days after completion of the class, displayed the following results:

  • 64 minutes per day: average productivity gain experienced by program graduates
  • 1.1 days: average time required to recover the initial cost of training (payback period)
  • $8,600 per graduate: annualized Return on Investment experienced by NAVSEA
  • 78% improvement: average improvement in tracking communications reported by program graduates
  • 74% improvement in planning and organization
  • 65% improvement in managing email
  • 58% improvement in managing information

“The best one-day course I’ve taken in my 27 years of government service.”

“I had been looking for training like this for over 5 years! Well worth the investment of time and cost. I would definitely recommend this training to everyone at NAVSEA!”

WorkingSm@rt® using Microsoft Outlook Testimonials

Client: Chevron Australia

The Working Smart using Outlook course is likely to prove the most useful one day course that I have ever taken part in. I could not wait to get back to my desk next day to implement the strategies that I learnt from the course and have found them helpful right from the outset. Of course, I still have some work to do in planning but am working on changing my actions. The strategies for capturing information to be retrieved at a later date are invaluable.

Administration Assistant
Chevron Australia

Client: Blue Cross

Thank you, for an excellent workshop. "Working Smart using Microsoft Outlook" has been one of the most popular classes we've offered at the Association. It always fills up immediately and feedback from participants is overwhelmingly positive. Having taken the course myself, I can vouch for its ability to help move from using Outlook as simply a tool for answering email, to a vehicle for managing time and priorities. It's a great program and we're looking forward to continuing to offer it to our staff.

J. A.C.
Director, Training and Development, BCBSA

Client: Canadian Navy

As the staff here at Maritime Command in Halifax prepare to load another group of personnel on the WorkingSm@rt using Outlook Workshop, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide feedback from the training we attended last year. Over the past year, this organization has benefited greatly in our ability to manage several tasks and priorities, follow up on commitments, communicate and delegate effectively, and use this very unique planning process. As indicated in your intro to the team, we definitely took away exactly what was presented and the results have been outstanding. It is for this reason that we have decided to seek your support in providing this unique opportunity to those personnel joining our staff in the new year. I sincerely appreciated your professionalism and the brilliant manner in which you enhanced the performance of this team. Thank you very much and we look forward to a long and healthy relationship with your team.

Best regards

Lieutenant Commander/ Captaine de corvette - Senior Staff Officer Military Personnel / Officer de la gestion du personnel militaire de la Formation - National Defence / Défense national

WorkingSm@rt® using Microsoft Outlook Detailed Synopsis

The Priority Management WorkingSm@rt® using Microsoft Outlook Workshop has been developed to empower you to take control of your work. Priority Management teaches you how to change behaviors and optimize the use of technology to take control of your time, productivity, collaboration and work results.

Unit 1 Being Productive:

This unit will introduce you to the key elements to help you refine your organizational toolkit with an increased understanding of working on those areas that add greatest value and the need to prioritize. With this productivity platform in place, you will be in a better position to recognize and manage distractions and interruptions.

Unit 2 Setting Yourself Up to Work Sm@rt:

You will gain a deeper understanding of what’s available in the Outlook “toolbox” and set up the main components to enable you to work smart with enhanced focus. Learn how to increase your productivity and eliminate unhelpful habits.

Unit 3 Manage Your Emails Effectively:

We will show you how to manage your emails. You will learn ways to manage emails you can’t act on immediately and learn how to deal with low priority emails. We will show you effective ways to file and find your mail and stay with your priorities regardless of the volume of email traffic.

Unit 4 Managing Commitments to Enable a Sense of Achievement:

You will learn the importance of the Outlook Calendar and how to avoid becoming a victim of “planning fallacy”. The exercises will help you become a more proficient time manager and begin the process that ensures a sense of achievement.

Unit 5 Achieve Better Results Through Effective Communication & Delegation:

Learn how to plan, capture and follow up effectively on important communications and delegations.

Unit 6 Priority Planning For Results:

You will discover how the planning process works for you. The planning cycle will help you become more strategic in your daily choices. Through consistent on time delivery you will be able to have a greater sense of accomplishment individually and as a team member.

The WorkingSm@rt® Method.

WorkingSm@rt® is a flexible and practical combination of behaviour changing methods, best practice tools and process that can transform the way you work.

With the WorkingSm@rt method you will gain control over your day, find balance, reach your goals and focus on the tasks that are important to you and your company.

Easily applied and simply sustained, the WorkingSm@rt method can give lifelong benefits to individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Learn more about the WorkingSm@rt® method.

WorkingSm@rt® using Outlook Evaluation Summary

Over 823 companies and 14,283 individuals from around the world have completed our workshop effectiveness questionnaire since it was launched. When asked

"How much time have you gained each day as a result of the program?"

The average of all the respondents, for all companies was +62 Minutes per day per person.

Just how productive is your day?

Have you ever considered how much time you spend on unproductive tasks on a daily basis? More importantly, how much time you could get back each day if you knew how? At Priority, we have created a tool that will give you the answers to these questions and more. Take the Productivity Challenge here.


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